Interface, Brand, Content Key for New Phones

What are most important to US consumers when choosing a new mobile phone? According to a new poll from mobile app store operator GetJar, ease of use (20%), brand (17%) and embedded content (14%) top the list. Of less concern are the phone’s overall design, memory and whether or not it has a touchscreen.

GetJar actually polled consumers across 130 countries for the survey during the week of the Mobile World Congress. Brand was the top consideration overall, topping the list for 28% of all respondents; the US was the only country where brand wasn’t the leading factor.

User interface came in second when considering a new phone, with 17% of the vote. Only 4% think a touchscreen is the most important factor in a new phone. Although they may not consider it to be the most important feature, 69% of all respondents said that embedded content is “extremely” or “very” important.

Learning about these purchase considerations might turn out to be quite important. According to the GetJar poll, a whopping 71% of respondents said they’re planning on buying a new phone this year, with 26% intending to make the purchase within the next 10 days.