Instapaper Developer Hates the Look of Pixel Doubled Apps on iPad: Interesting Design Commentary

Instapaper is a web content clipper service. Its web service is free. There’s also a free iPhone app as well as a $4.99 “pro” version. Instapaper’s developer, Marco Arment, has an interesting blog item discussing why he is rushing to get an iPad version out the door and ready to go on April 3.

Preview: Instapaper on iPad

One of Marco’s more interesting comments (to me) was these two sentences that are part of a discussion of the iPad’s pixel doubling mode to display iPhone apps on a full screen:

It sucked, and it was completely unusable by my standards. I don’t think I’ll want to run any pixel-doubled apps on my iPad in practice.

On the way to this comment, Macro provides a lot of interesting screenshots from the iPad simulator.