Instagram’s New Feature Hints at Its Video Marketing Potential for Brands

Coachella gives glimpse of future live event coverage

Instagram today unveiled a new feature that recommends videos in its Explore section based on a user's interests.

Over the past year, the Facebook-owned app has slowly pumped more videos into news feeds and has also started curating clips around specific events like the Golden Globes and college football games.

In a blog post today, Instagram said it will curate content for the Coachella music festival, which begins Friday and runs through Sunday, in Indio, Calif.

Featured video should help users discover more clips while increasing the amount of video uploaded to the app. And with an impending algorithm, it could favor content from Instagram-savvy brands like Nike and Mercedes-Benz.

Brands already crank out seasonally themed photos and videos for Instagram, but in a way, the new hub also acts as a kind of editorial calendar for social marketers who want to be featured as one of Instagram's top clips.