Instagram Is Testing the Locking of Old Usernames for 14 Days After Changes

The feature may also prevent bots from securing and selling those handles

What if you like your old Instagram username better?

Good news may be on the way for Instagram users who decided to change their usernames and then experienced second thoughts.

Developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong discovered a feature within Instagram’s coding that locks old usernames for 14 days when users change their names.

She also pointed out that in addition to being helpful for wishy-washy Instagrammers, this feature would help prevent bots from snatching up usernames and selling better-quality handles on the black market.

A spokesperson for Instagram said, “We’re always analyzing trends so that we can build features that keep our community safe. We observed that if someone changes or loses their username—for example, if they want to switch usernames, or if they lose access to their account—it can sometimes be claimed quickly by another person. With this feature, we give the account holder the security of knowing their username is safe for a period of time following any changes.”

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