Instacast Updated

This popular podcasting app got a major update this morning with its 2.0 release.

The update was 4 months in the making and it includes a number of subtle improvements that most any heavy podcast user will appreciate. The first thing you’ll notice is that the menus have been changed and optimized. The app now offers 3 main tabs for Subscriptions, Playlists and Bookmarks, and the old Reeder-style navigation on the bottom is gone.

The podcast player itself has also been improved. It now includes an AirPlay button (for sharing content to other Apple devices), a button to change the speed at which the podcast plays, a Sleep Timer, a button to enable forward and backward Continuous Playback and a button with new inline Sharing Options.

The full list of improvements found in the 2.0 update include:

  • Revamped and improved user interface
  • Episode archiving
  • Improved Podcast Player with:
  • Sleep Timer
  • Continuous Playback backward and forward
  • List of episode links
  • Sharing of playback position via email and Twitter
  • Chapter Navigation
  • Improved podcast Auto-Download management
  • Download Manager with:
  • Pause and cancel downloads
  • Reorder downloads to set priority
  • Improved podcast feed parser with:
  • Support for Atom feeds
  • Support for MP3 chapter markers
  • Support for Multi-Format Podcasts
  • Support for Episode Deep Linking
  • VoiceOver support
  • Data Export