Insomniac Games shutters Outernauts on Facebook


Insomniac Games has announced the closure of Outernauts on Facebook, and a progression of the franchise to other devices. The game saw players exploring planets in outer space, and had just 114,000 monthly active users (MAU) on January 31, its last day of operation. According to our app tracking service AppData, Outernauts had actually gained users in recent weeks, starting the year with 87,000 MAU.

In an email to players, Insomniac announced the development of Outernauts for mobile devices, starting with a release on iOS this Spring. “This is a re-imagined version of Outernauts built specifically for quick, satisfying play sessions,” reads a company statement. “It retains the core of what you love from Outernauts on Facebook.”

In addition, Outernauts’ Facebook players are promised rewards in the mobile version of the game at launch. Facebook players will be emailed a code for redemption within the mobile game, with rewards coming in the form of both exclusive “vanity” items as well as Star Gems.

The statement continues: “From everyone at Insomniac Games, thank you. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time in Outernauts on Facebook. We know we loved making it. We’ll hope to see you Tame the Galaxy on your mobile device or tablet.”