Inside Sprint Now Provides Answers to Burning Palm Pre Questions

Interesting item from an anonymous Sprint employee who blogs about Sprint customer care issues. If this pre-launch Palm Pre information is accurate, there is a lot of good stuff to learn about in…
Some Palm Pre Questions
Some of the questions answered here are:
– What happens (what to do) if you receive a call while the Pre is in the charging dock
– Which cell phone plan is required for the Palm Pre
– Back & Delete gestures
– Using webOS app cards
– Palm Synergy (single logical view of key information)
— Email
— Contacts
— Calendar
– Universal Search
– Data Transfer Assistant to help move data from old non-Pre phone to the Pre
– How Backup and Restore works
– How to use the camera and photo/video viewer/player
– How the OTA (over the air) Amazon MP3 store works
– Web browser feature
– Battery power saving tips
– How to perform partially clear data to restore Pre performance (sounds like Microsoft Windows?)