Inside BlackBerry Help Blog: Great Resource for Any New BlackBerry User

The gadget savvy among us may chuckle and perhaps scoff at the fact that RIM published a how-to blog article to teach BlackBerry users how to send videos wirelessly.
How to send videos using your BlackBerry
I am neither chuckling nor scoffing, however. I think the article and the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog is a great idea that every mobile platform maker should provide for its customers. The blog provides step-by-step directions with clear screenshots for tasks such as:
– How to view YouTube videos on your BlackBerry
– How to configure Sound and Alert profiles in BlackBerry 6
– How to use shortcuts from the BlackBerry home screen
– How to back up and restore your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac
– How to pair your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Every mobile platform can benefit from definitive instructions for performing basic out-of-the-box tasks like the ones RIM addresses in their blog. BlackBerry users can find the blog at:
Inside BlackBerry Help Blog