INQ’s Facebook Phone Expanding To Include Foursquare

We first heard about the INQ Cloud Touch smartphone, which is tightly integrated with Facebook, back last February. Our Readers in the United Kingdom are able to buy it now from The Carphone Warehouse. Today INQ announced that they are working with Foursquare to add that service to the Cloud Touch, as well as other Android phones.

According to INQ, users will be able to swipe back and forth between the Facebook and Foursquare home screens. The phone will bring to the forefront Foursquare’s recommendations for nearby places to eat, drink, and shop. In the screenshot you see an example of how recommendations, which include prominent check-in and specials buttons, appear on the screen.

If you are not familiar with the Cloud Touch, you can check out INQ’s web site to see how Facebook appears to take over the entire phone. For example, rather than Google Calendar being on the home screen as the phone’s calendaring app, the Cloud Touch has Facebook Events, and Facebook People is emphasized over the Android Contacts app.

In my opinion INQ has done a better job of integrating Facebook in to the phone than HTC appears to be doing with the ChaCha and Salsa, which are two phones HTC has announced that will have physical Facebook buttons. The integration of Foursquare in to Cloud Touch, further solidifies its position a premier social media phone.

Unfortunately, there is no word for U.S. Facebook and Foursquare fans on when the Cloud Touch will be available in the United States. United Kingdom ship dates of the HTC ChaCha and Salsa are currently June 26, 2011. HTC has not said when these phones will be available in the U.S., though they did say it will be available from AT&T.