Inq Mobile releases all-in-one news feed for So.Ho Android home screen

Image via Inq Mobile

Inq Mobile has announced an update to its So.Ho social home screen on Android, bringing a fourth feed option to users of the Android launcher. The So.Ho. Feed pulls in rich media from across the app’s other supported networks, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to quickly browse through the latest videos and images posted by their friends.

So.Ho is described as a lighter version of Facebook Home, that contains the news feed browsing capabilities, but isn’t as invasive. The app also supports streams of Twitter and Instagram updates, so that users can keep up with their friends and colleagues without constantly launching several apps to do so.

“We know that sometimes you don’t have time to check what’s happening across all your social networks so we’ve added the SO.HO feed, a place where you can see the latest videos, pictures and links shared from all your friends across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Ken Johnstone, CEO and co-founder of Inq. “Of course we’ve kept the individual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds too. Whatever you want to see, with SO.HO it’s just a tap away.”

In addition to simple browsing, So.Ho also allows for tweeting, status “liking,” check-ins, comments, and status updates, all from the home screen, each time someone unlocks their phone. The app is available to download for free on the Google Play store, with this So.Ho Feed update marking the app’s official launch out of beta.