inPulse: Programmable (C/Python) Bluetooth Watch

Way back in the misty times of October 2009 I noted:

Watch to Display BlackBerry Alerts? Many Have Tried This Idea, None of Have Succeeded So Far

The InPulse was a BlackBerry-specific accessory at that time. In 2011, it looks like it has morphed into a whole different animal that works with Android, OS X, Windows, Ubuntu and anything else that can communicate with it over Bluetooth. It gets better, if their product information is to be believed: You can develop your own watch apps using C or Python.

A metallic silver model costs $149 while a black anodized model is $199. Yes, the watch is relatively gigantic. But, you know the tech geek in you wants one. I know I do. More information is available on the InPulse’s website: