Is Twitter Hurting Student Grades? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently we speculated about whether too much tweeting could ruin your career. And prior to this we looked at a study which analysed whether Twitter was of benefit to students in the classroom.

Now, a detailed infographic has emerged that has crunched the data from these sources and presented the information in a new and interesting manner.

125 students were included in the study – 70 were required to use Twitter for educational purposes, while 55 communicated through a traditional learning system.

The results suggested that:

  • 94% of first year college students use social networking sites
  • The group using Twitter had an engagement score of almost twice as much as those who used traditional communication methods
  • At the end of the semester the Twitter group’s average GPA was 0.51 higher than the other group

The study concluded that Twitter was of considerable benefit as it allowed for an ongoing discussion that went beyond the standard one hour class format, with students taking full advantage of Twitter’s benefits as a great Q&A tool, generating a range of questions than what would typically occur in class.

Here’s the infographic:

(Source: Online Masters Degree Guide.)