Infographic: How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

app timelineCreating an app, or mobile website, can be as complicated as you want it to be, thus, making the execution of such apps to be as fast as you want it to be. Depending on your budget and project requirements, app design and development can vary from project to project. In fact, it can take just one day (Flappy Bird) to years to design and maintain an app.

However, when considering the rule, and not the exception, most apps can be made within a few months to a year. If you’re considering creating your own, Crispy Codes breaks it down for us:

1st) Simple App – This kind of apps has simple functionalities and doesn’t require any internet, database connectivity or high graphical resolution. Max time to design this kind of apps are 2-3 months with perfect app store and submission.

2nd) Moderator Complexity Apps – This kind of apps comes with the server as a back-end and has database connectivity which does all database operations and store the user’s information and has much panels compare to simple apps and more functionalities. Generally it takes 3-4 months to design, develop, test and submit into the app store.

3rd) Complex or Enterprise Level Apps – Personally, this kind of apps are favorite by every agency and developer as it brings challenges and provides all kinds of facilities which should be there in an app. It has all functionalities like high graphical resolution, flexibility to high speeding and high-level operation. Pick up any action category mobile game and it will include in this category. Generally it takes time to 6-12 months to live this app in the app store.