Infographic: everyday things we’ve replaced with smartphones


Cellphones, or dumbphones, have been eclipsed with smartphones, but what about everyday items like mp3 players and encyclopedias? Most likely, you’ve not purchased either since you got your shiny new smartphone.

In fact, you can trace the decline of encyclopedias with smartphone sales very easily in the eBay infographics below. The trend is also similar for MP3 players, atlases, digital cameras, and more. Estimates place these combined items around  $11,000 per consumer while an average phone costs $200-$300. With a two-year contract, users are still spending less at $1,740 – a “savings” of $9,419.

That’s a large number considering how much less some users are spending on all of these items prior to smartphones. Since the latter is a 1.5 B market, it is estimated that consumers are saving trillions in non-smartphone expenditures- possibly. Of course, that’s more money for games like Candy Crush Saga!

What do you think is your own savings? Let us know in the comments below.
smartphone infographic

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