[Infographic] A Timeline to Help Marketers Capitalize on Holiday Panic

Nearly 50 percent of consumers start holiday shopping before November but by December 13th only 12 percent have finished shopping. By the week before Christmas, consumers are in a panic, trying to get the best deals.

It seems the time to prepare for the holidays come earlier every year. Of course, some consumers are more prepared than others. The folks at Offerpop, a social media marketing platform, have put together a helpful infographic for marketers to capitalize on “holiday panic.”

According to the infographic just over 40 percent of shoppers get started with holiday purchases before November. Then there’s a slow burn leading up to Black Friday. By the last week before Christmas, shoppers are in full on freak-out mode.

Go figure, the consumers who suffer from holiday panic are the ones who wait until the last minute.

So how can marketers capitalize on this panic? The infographic is packed with stats like:

  • 16.3 percent of shoppers looked for Black Friday deals and promos on Facebook
  • 28 percent visited retailer websites from their mobile device
  • The top 500 brands saw a 24o percent spike in Facebook referrals for Cyber Monday
  • 13 percent of all Cyber Monday purchases were made using a mobile device.

And the trend is only expected to continue. Take a look:


Photo credit: Johan Larsson