INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways To Conquer Facebook Statuses

Here's eight ways to make your status updates more visible.

The most interesting status updates are likelier to make it into people’s Facebook news feeds thanks to the Edge Rank algorithm — simply put, the more likes and comments on a post, the greater the visibility.

There are eight ways to increase your status updates’ visibility, according to Post Planner.

The startup put together an infographic with a view toward enticing folks to try out the company’s application that schedules status updates and suggests ways to make them more visible.

(We took the free trial version of the app for a spin and quickly discovered that you need to upgrade to a paid version, at $4.95 a month to get a relevant suggestion.)

Aside from that, the suggestions in Post Planner’s infographic are valid, so we’ve reproduced it below, with the company’s blessing.

Readers, let us know what you think of the eight tips in the comments section; and while you’re at it, can you recall what your most popular status updates have had in common?