What’s The Difference Between Influencers And Brand Advocates On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are lots of buzz words in social media – some of which are important parts of the vernacular while others are simply over-hyped.
One of these buzz words is “Influencers” – the big-name folks who have large followings on social media, particularly on Twitter. But if you’ve been pursuing influencers on Twitter, you might want to rethink your strategy.

Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert published this infographic which compares influencers with brand advocates on social media.
As the infographic explains, influencers are the high-tech version of celebrity endorsements. They are characterized by large followings and usually require an incentive – such as money or free products – to support your brand on social media.
Brand advocates, however, are highly satisfied customers who take it upon themselves to promote your brand because they genuinely value it. They are trusted by 92 percent of consumers, while influencers are trusted by only 18 percent.
Take a look at the infographic below to get a clear image of the difference between influencers and brand ambassadors, and why influencer outreach is overrated.

(Infographic courtesy of Convince and Convert; Influencer image via Shutterstock)