Indonesia Led Facebook’s Growth in Asia During November

Asian countries continued to see more Facebook growth in November, gaining 3.86 million people to end at 63.5 million monthly active users, according to our monthly Global Monitor report.

However, as we’ve noted elsewhere, November’s monthly Facebook growth number were significantly lower than in the previous half of the year. In October, for example, Facebook grew by 9.6 million monthly actives in Asia. The reason is most likely a reporting bug. We obtain data from Facebook’s advertising tool. It contains estimate of the site traffic by country, but from time to time isn’t fully updated.

It is, of course, possible that Facebook’s growth has slowed in countries around the world. Our overall numbers for November showed Facebook coming in at 338 million monthly active users, while Facebook itself announced on December 1 that it had reached 50 million monthly active users. In other regions, notably, Europe, growth numbers also came in dramatically lower. We’re waiting to see the December stats before jumping to any conclusions about overall trends in Facebook’s traffic.

Here are the countries that gained the most monthly active users in Asia over the course of November.

Indonesia was on top, with 1.68 million new users. The country currently has the largest number of Facebook users in the region with 13.9 million monthly actives. However, this is still only 6.1% of its 229 million people.

Like Indonesia, other countries that have been gaining fast still continued to do so. The Phillipines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand also grew by hundreds of thousands of users. Meanwhile, many countries with relatively smaller populations have hit what may be saturation points. Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia all have a penetration rate of more than 30%; New Zealand, Israel, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Bahrain and Maldives all come in between 20% and 30%.

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