Indie Filmmakers Go Grassroots to Distribute ‘Mooz-Lum’

In case you missed the tweet last night (follow us @prnewser), we went to a special screening of the film Mooz-Lum, an independent film opening in theaters on February 11.

Those theaters are being determined through a distribution deal with AMC Theaters and the digital media company Eventful. Folks can go to the movie’s Eventful website and click “Demand It” to bring the movie to their city.

Written and directed by Qasim “Q” Basir, the film is a semi-autobiographical story about a young man (played by Evan Ross) grappling with his identity and his Muslim faith.

At last night’s event, producer Dana Offenbach, Basir, and Nia Long, who plays Ross’ mother, talked about the difficulties in getting this film out to the public because of its subject matter despite being well-received at film festivals like the Cairo International and UrbanWorld events and by moviegoers, particularly the Muslim community. According to Offenbach, the film will be in “at least six countries” in the Mideast.