Indiana Jones and the Inexorable Ravages of Time

Unwilling to let a franchise die before wringing every last drop of profit out of it, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are talking about Indy VI. Rumors about Natalie Portman playing Indy’s daughter have been floating around for a while.

Lucas worries:

People’s expectations are way higher than you can deliver.

After the last few Star Wars, FBLA thinks the public’s expectations aren’t all that high.

Spielberg adds:

Hopefully it will be different in all the right ways and the same in all the familiar ways.

FBLA wonders if this some Zen thing.

And Ford promises:

There are things left for this character to do.

FBLA can think of many, many things for Indiana Jones to do. But the whole immortality thing was only good while he was in the Temple, remember? So Indy fighting bad guys, arthritis, and liver spots might be too much.