Indian Social Network Rediff Launching Platform, Own Version of fbFund

The platformization of social networks is continuing throughout the world as Rediff, one of the most popular portals in India (and publicly traded on the NASDAQ), is launching a Developer Platform, according to Medianama.

Rediff is using a REST API, a markup language based off Facebook’s FBML, and a query language called RQL.  The Rediff Developer Platform page has more information.

The Rediff Platform marks the best opportunity yet for social network application developers to reach the Indian market. Like Facebook’s fbFund, Rediff is offering “several grants of Rs 250,000 [about $5,850] for your innovative app ideas.”

Rediff also operates one of the largest webmail services in India, with over 65 million registered users, a popular IM service, and many other vertical services like travel, job, and marriage search.