Inbox Cube brings an attachment friendly, ‘designer’ inbox to iOS

Image via Inbox Cube

Inbox Cube has announced the launch of its email app on iOS, developed with the goal of helping mobile users dig themselves out of the normal clutter of an inbox and “discover” their communications in a better way. The app separates emails based on type, and offers swipe, pinch-to-zoom and other touch controls to help users quickly find what they’re looking for.

Inbox Cube separates emails into three types or “cubes,” the email cube, the attachment cube and the contacts cube. While users can browse emails in a short one or two line preview mode, they can also zoom in on this feed to an “email card view,” which offers an inline look at any available attachments.

Users can swipe on emails to reply, forward, move or mark them as read, as well as starring important emails for easier access later. While inside an email, users can quickly swipe to read the next email, without going back out to the full inbox view.

In the case of attachments, the attachment cube offers separate tabs for photos, videos and documents for easier navigation to the things that matter most to a user at the time. Photos can be viewed in a landscape view, and users can zoom into documents for a closer look. All items remain attached to their original emails, and users can go to those emails with a simple gesture, without manually searching for the email or going back to the email cube.

Inbox Cube supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL and IMAP accounts, as well as the ability to connect multiple accounts to the same app. The app is now available to download for free on iOS.

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