Inauguration Watch: An Event for the B-List

If you’re not planning on attending one of the numerous inaugural balls tomorrow night, Fishbowl has an idea that’s almost as hot as the idea of Dubya in a slinky dress by Oscar De La Renta:

Newsweek’s dynamic duo of Batwoman and Robin (a.k.a. Eleanor Clift and Evan Thomas) will be speaking Thursday night at Politics & Prose Thursday night about their quickie book, Election 2004: How Bush Won and What You Can Expect in the Future.

As the event write-up explains, “Months ahead, the Newsweek reporters were given unusual access to the candidates, with the promise not to report anything until after the election.” You’ve probably already read the long piece in Newsweek, but it never hurts to ask in person what it’s like to see John Kerry break down on a street corner.

Personally, we can’t really understand why Thomas and Clift would trumpet that they didn’t get a SINGLE invitation to a ball by speaking on the same night as most of D.C. will be partying it up. Being a founding member of Washington’s A-List, Fishbowl, as you can imagine, will be busy watching “My Date with the President’s Daughter” on the Disney Channel tomorrow night.