Inauguration Reviews

TVNewser has a round-up of inaugural TV coverage reviews.

Here in D.C., Tom Shales reviews the coverage and generally finds the networks did a good job, giving Fox props for being “dignified” and slapping CNN for continuing to run its ticker through the pre-ceremony. He gives CBS’ Bob Scheiffer the nod for the best comment of the day, who “couldn’t resist one pithy and down-to-earth remark, no matter how much goodwill was in the air. Noting how many times the speech had been called ‘lofty,’ Schieffer said, ‘I think we’re about to see that altimeter start going down.'”

Shales though misses Fishbowl’s favorite moment from yesterday, when, during the pre-ceremony, CNN’s legal star Jeffrey Toobin praised how healthy the chief justice looked on the platform–only to apologize a few minutes later when a very frail Rhenquist tottered out, saying that he (Toobin) had confused Justice Kennedy with Justice Rhenquist. Oops.