In W: LACMA Overspends on Director, Housing and more


The LA Times has an interesting graphic on the op-ed page that outlines how much various city officials make, housing allowance, etc. But they forgot one of the most expensive of these guys: LACMA’s new director, Michael Govan. November’s W is the Art issue (just like Vanity Fair!), and Christopher Bagley reports that Govan makes a base salary of $600,000. Govan also convinced the LACMA’s board to sell the old director’s house, and buy himself something more appropriate. And then he complains:
“It’s fine, he says, then laughs. “It’s not a Neutra. One thing at a time.”

FBLA doesn’t understand why these folks need free housing as a lure to move to Los Angeles. Sure, housing is pricey, but it’s not as if Los Angeles is a hardship post.

Also in the issue, Kevin West writes about going native as he succumbs to the charms of alternative healing.

And Jane Larkworthy casts an eye over bad male haircuts with a very funny photo grid of stars with spikes, stars with highlights, stars with gel, and Rod Stewart with the works.