In the Minority: I Like Microsoft’s 10.2-inch Maximum Display Rule for Netbooks

I think my opinion of the news that (from DigiTimes)…

Microsoft and Intel looking to limit netbook sizes to 10.2-inch for Windows 7

…is in the minority. It looks like a number of comments are either neutral or negative on this one. But, I’m glad Microsoft is defining netbook display sizes by their license pricing. My opinion has always been that while 12-inch display notebook computers are great, they are too big to be considered netbooks. After all, was my old Apple iBook with a 12-inch display a netbook? Not in my opinion.

Now, Microsoft’s rationale for this decision is purely one of pricing and sale economics. But, I like its effect of having designers focus like a laser on designing netbooks that max out at 10.2 inches. Otherwise, we would probably have started to see 4 and 5 pound netbooks with 13 to 15 inch displays emerge. And, that would just be silly.