In Rant About 3D Movies, Stan Lee Says What We’re All Thinking About Inbound Marketing

In a rant about 3D movies, the creator of Spider-Man hits on something we're all thinking when it comes to "inbound marketing".

I said it earlier today, but “inbound marketing” is bullshit. It’s a dumb term being used to repackage stuff you already know in an effort to sell you things you don’t need. Ditto with “content marketing”, and before it, “social media”.

You know what’s a lot like the shenanigans going on with “inbound marketing”? 3D movies. They’re nothing new. You know when the first 3D movie was shown? 1922. 1922! So 3D is just an old technology that’s being trotted out like this new, amazing thing, when the results have been pretty terrible. (Some exceptions like Avatar and Jurassic Park notwithstanding.) And who’s responsible for pushing this old stuff in a new way in order to deceive the general public, the same way some marketers are doing with “inbound marketing”? The movie studios.

And so here we are the the great Stan Lee, in a YouTube rant, about how the nauseating trend of repackaging old stuff is in new ways by the studios. Of course, he doesn’t call out inbound marketing in his rant, but if you just swap out 3D movies with inbound marketing and the studios with marketers, it’s virtually the same rant. One we’ve all had quietly in our offices since places like Hubspot began pushing it ad nauseum.

Just know you’re not alone in thinking the term is bullshit. A lot of us agree with you. (And we also agree that pushing 3D movies like it’s a new thing is bullshit too.)