In Brief: RockYou Says June Was Best Month Yet

RockYou, both one of the largest developers and largest ad networks on the Facebook Platform, has positive news to report on the advertising front: the company tells us that revenues from its ad operations hit an all-time high in June.

While RockYou hasn’t disclosed revenues, it did say eCPMs across its network have roughly doubled since January – a sign of strength for the company’s social network advertising efforts, and the industry overall. RockYou’s report gels with what we’re hearing from others in the space – that eCPMs are growing and the market overall appears to have stabilized.

In addition to its ad network, RockYou also sells integrated sponsorships into its applications and monetizes through direct to consumer virtual currency sales in its games, like Speed Racing, shown below.

RockYou has raised $68 million in four rounds of funding. The company operates one of the largest networks of widgets and distributed applications across Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Orkut, and Bebo.