Important Details for Developers on Profile Redesign Migration Plan

Facebook released the migration plan for developers tonight. Here are all the crucial points from the announcement:

  • The redesign is going live opt-in to users next week, and the full launch for all users will happen by the end of July.
  • Facebook will tell developers “at least 24 hours” before the final switch occurs.
  • Developers need to make sure they’re using the right PHP client for the new profile.
  • Facebook will pass in the fb_sig_in_new_facebook parameter to all pages to allow developers to know during the migration period whether the viewer is using the new or old profile.
  • New and old feed API calls will work during the transition period, though all new feed API calls will appear as 1-line stories on the old profile. After the final switch, the old feed API calls will no longer work!
  • There will now be two types of notifications: general and announcement notifications. General notifications require active user sessions, and announcement notifications don’t. Both will be subject to their own allocation limits.
  • Developers should change require_add to require_login. This will bring up a new app “authorization” screen (not “install”). When calls are made to require_add on the new site, they will forward to require_login automatically. Require_add will be deprecated at some point in the future.

Developers should report any bugs you’re seeing in the new profile to the Facebook Platform team here.