Imgur Launches iOS App

The image sharing site launched an app when they were still a small and boostrapped team, but pulled it from the app store. Now they've raised capital and launched an app they claim is best in class.

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Imgur, an image site that bills itself as “the simple image sharer” has been growing rapidly in recent months. Like any other social site, there are certain milestones a company must pass on the road to success. Last night Imgur announced it had achieved a big one: launching an official iOS mobile app.

Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf said in a statement:

Imgur is a place where you can discover an endless stream of funny, informative, fascinating, and unexpected visual stories that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Imgurians increasingly live on their mobile devices, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to browse and discuss Imgur’s content wherever and whenever they want.

The app will provide the same core features as the web experience, including:

  • Quick upvoting, downvoting and favoriting
  • Sorting content by popularity and time
  • Threading and seamless commenting for easy participation in conversations
  • Easy access to profile and favorites collection

While it was of prime importance to simply have an official app, the Imgur team has worked hard to make the experience as user friendly and uncluttered as possible. Joseph Huang, Director of Mobile Product Design said in a release:

Our design philosophy was ‘content, not clutter.’ We designed a simple interface that gets out of the way and devotes as much screen real estate to the content as possible while making it easy to access menus and buttons when you need to.

Imgur has previously tried to launch an iOS app, but that version was later shut down because “frankly, it wasn’t our best work” an official statement read.

Another reason for this launch, aside from keeping the app development in house, is that third party apps weren’t serving the needs of the community. The statement continued:

Existing 3rd party apps are great – but, the experience is too cluttered for the Imgurian community, who just wants a welcome space to read/comment on content without technological bells and whistles.

With such an engaged community to serve, it is important that Imgur maintains this app well. Imgur has more than 150 million monthly active users and without a dedicated mobile app they were stuck with mobile browsing, which is quite the cluttered experience. Now Imgur users can get their brain candy any time.