Imeem Playlists Now Accessible Through A MySpace Music Import

-imeem Icon-For Imeem users who have had no access their playlists on the new MySpace website, recent news will bring music to their ears – literally. Users can now reacquire their playlists through MySpace Music. TechCrunch recently reported and confirmed that playlists are able to be imported.

The MySpace Music Team recently sent out an email to all Imeem users notifying them of the changes and how to execute the import. It seems pretty simple: after accessing the import playlist page and entering a few login credentials, one click of the import button will be stored in the My Music part of the website.

However, the import may not be as smooth as the MySpace email may have made it out to be. Users have complained that not all of their songs are successfully transferred to MySpace due to some songs not being in MySpace’s music library. This is a significant issue with the system, as most are not receiving their full and original Imeem playlists. Songs that do not match up through MySpace’s and Imeem’s License Catalogs cannot be transferred over. On another note, only song lists in playlist format could be transferred, according to Matt Rosoff from CNET.

Have you attempted importing your Imeem playlists into MySpace Music? Let us know about your experience in the comments.