IMDb for Android

If you are a movie buff you probably use the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to find information about movies, as it is considered to be the authoritative site on the Internet about movies. You will not only find information about currently running movies, but also for just about any movie that was ever made. Initially the IMDb focused on movies, actors, and actresses, but over time it expanded to include information about TV shows and DVDs. An Android IMDb app is now available in the Android Market, and I highly recommend it.
The IMDb Android app is very visually appealing, with plenty of pictures, and it is easy to navigate. Current movie information is pretty much the same as what you find with other movie apps like Fandango, and it includes trailers and listing of show times at theatres near you. The difference is that you can search for any movie and find things like trivia, quotes, and goofs. The TV section of IMDb is even better, providing nightly U.S. TV listings and recaps of shows from the previous night. The People section includes a listing of the most-viewed stars on IMDb and a list of the stars who have their birthdays on the current date.