Illinois TV Anchor Courageously Shares Brain Cancer News with Viewers

Dave-Benton-Cancer-VideoIn the wild and wacky world of public relations, those who stand out often do so by creating great relationships with media types.

Understanding that, if you know anyone with PRSA Chicago, IABC Chicago, or even the College of Media for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaignplease pass this story along!

Why? Dave Benton at WCIA-3 (CBS) out of downstate Illinois in Champaign is easily one of the most courageous media personalities to come across in a long time.

Learn why after the jump.

Dave Benton is a nine-year anchor of the CBS affiliate. During his tenure broadcasting news for the fine folks of downstate Illinois, he had to take an extended period of personal leave for brain cancer prevention.

Here he is in February when he returned.

It’s now September; Benton’s brain cancer has returned, and it’s terminal. As heartbreaking as that is to hear, namely for anyone who has been personally touched by the dreaded C-word (like yours truly with a mother fighting it for her third time), it’s even more emotional to watch.

Watch Benton reveal to his audience that he only has “four to six months to live.” The man deserves all the love he can handle. Hopefully, he’ll get some from the PR community as well.

Godspeed, Dave.