iLike Launches Music Syndication Platform for Faceboook Apps and Web Sites

iLike, the maker of the largest social music application on the Facebook Platform (and recently named one of the two inaugural “Great Apps” on Facebook), is launching a new music syndication platform tonight that enables all developers to add music features to their Facebook app or website.

The iLike music platform enables developers to add any of three music features to their apps for free:

  • A song player – allowing users to play back a preset song
  • A song chooser – allowing users to select a song (for message attachment or playback)
  • A playlist editor – allowing users to add songs to a playlist, edit the list, and play it

The iLike service makes it very easy for developers to include music in their apps and websites. Four of the top 10 developers on the Facebook Platform – SGN, Flixster, Watercooler, and Slide – are integrating elements of the iLike platform in different parts of their applications for launch. Google’s Blogger, TypePad, and Evite are also announcing integrations at launch.

“iLike has always embraced syndication. Today, we’re taking that strategy one step further by giving anybody with a website or blog a powerful way to offer music legally using just a snippet of code,” said Hadi Partovi, President of iLike. “Already the leading music provider on the Facebook Platform and OpenSocial, we have enormous room to grow by empowering other apps to provide music to their users. This also continues our tradition of working with the music industry and empowering artists – because labels and publishers receive royalties every time music is streamed via iLike.”

iLike continues to build out its footprint as a distributed provider of music services across the social and consumer web. The iLike music syndication platform is likely to extend the company’s footprint both inside and Facebook and other major social networks and across other media sites as well.

Note: I work with Watercooler, one of the companies mentioned in this article.