iHeartRadio Launches in the Yo Index

The streaming service will notify subscribers of new stations, contests and breaking news.

yo app
This week, iHeartRadio launched in the Yo index, making it the first live-streaming music service you can find using the messaging app. In a statement, iHeartRadio says:

This will be another way for iHeartRadio to entertain and engage fans of music and radio. With the integration, iHeartRadio will have multiple Yo notifications available covering the music genres Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Alternative and Rock. In addition users can subscribe to the iHeartRadio notification for contesting as well as an iHeartRadio News notification to keep connected to iHeartRadio’s 24/7 breaking news feed. Fans can subscribe for these Yo notifications and then get Yo-ed with news, artist and station recommendations or receive a Yo for you chance to win your way into concerts and artist opportunities/meet & greets.

iHeartRadio is a good fit for the “zero character” messaging app. On its blog, Yo outlines some best practices for businesses on Yo: Use it for breaking news, inside info or flash sales — things that don’t need any words and just need users to take action.

Alerts for new channels and ticket giveaways is a perfect use for the app. Yo’s tagline is that “its just that simple,” but harnessing the functionality of Yo actually doesn’t seem that easy. The trick is to be specific: the L.A. Times only sends notifications with a new graphic or KardashianNews from Buzzfeed.

Maybe. In any case, for media companies, finding the Yo sweet spot is a necessary move to make. iHeartRadio seems like a natural fit.