iFixit Tore Apart a Shiny New MacBook Pro 13-inch

Photo courtesy of iFixit.com

Apple announced that the aluminum MacBook 13-inch model graduated and became part of the MacBook Pro line on Monday morning. So, if you just bought one of these nice shiny new MacBooks, what would you do? Well, if you are iFixit, the natural thing to do is tear it completely apart and photograph each step of the process…

MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody Teardown

iFixit notes that although the MacBook Pro 13’s battery is not user replaceable, it is not difficult to access and replace if you are handy with tools. The hard drive is user replaceable. But, be prepared to remove a lot more screws to do that compared to the previous generation MacBook Unibody.

If you missed my conversation with iFixit’s founder and CEO Kyle Wiens, you can use the embedded podcast player below to listen to it (Podcast 28).