If You Don’t Want To Google It, Try Asking Twitter Instead [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all turn to Google for answers to our everyday questions. But if the top ten SEO-ed results just aren’t doing their job, why not try asking Twitter instead?

Twitter’s #lazyweb hashtag has been floating around the network for years, working as a way to get your question out there to a broader Twitter audience than just your immediate followers. Although it has been on the decline in recent years, #lazyweb might just see a resurgence if the below infographic takes off.

To use Twitter as a Q&A site, you could easily just send out your question and hope for the best. Ask, and your followers (may) answer. But you’ll have no guarantee that they will actually see your tweet, nor that any of them have the expertise to answer your question in detail.

That’s where #lazyweb comes in. Attach this hashtag to your question, and it will get picked up by a wider audience than just those who are following you. There’s a chance, too, that an expert in Android troubleshooting, lawn maintenance, or relationship problems will see your question by searching for this hashtag themselves.

As it stands, there are, on average 72 tweets sent out per day that include a lazyweb reference. It had its prime in ’08, and has been on the decline ever since. But if you’re interested in bringing lazyweb back, check out some of the most common types of questions and answers it’s used for in the infographic from InboxQ and Column Five below, and brainstorm your first lazyweb question.