If NFL’s Ray Rice Has PR, Fire That Agency Immediately


…is more like ‘Roni’, and is no San Francisco (or Baltimore) treat. 

Some professional athletes have their foibles. Others have mild drama issues. Ray Rice has neither — he’s just a turd with a bad temper.

After reports came out that he (allegedly) beat his fiance unconscious and dragged her from an elevator, everyone wanted to him confronted by the NFL. Much less, these same people wanted said fiance Janay Palmer to press charges.

She didn’t. In fact, she married him, so she’s smart and in love. The NFL hasn’t … yet. But you know what they say about karma — it always shows up during press conferences. Thank goodness.

The aphorism is in the NFL is “If you win, anything is avoidable.” Ray Rice is in that camp with the Baltimore Ravens.

On Feb. 15, Rice was arrested on assault charges in Atlantic City. That’s when the video below was unearthed by the sleuth crew at TMZ. Long story, short, Ray Rice will avoid all jail time, despite Palmer telling the state of New Jersey she did not want to pursue charges. The day after Rice was indicted, the two love birds got hitched. Last week’s press conference was the first time Rice had spoken about the “situation.”

And thank God his speechwriter has carpal tunnel and PR skills that suck out loud, because Rice probably said the worst thing possible with this terribly ironic sentiment:

I failed miserably, but I wouldn’t call myself a failure because failure is not getting knocked down. It’s not getting up.”

Isn’t it nice that he draw inspiration from anything? Anyone in Ravens management or PR on the phone? How about the audio team turning off his microphone? Oh, and his wife apologized too. Wait, what?!

“I do deeply regret the role I played in the incident that night,” she said. “But I can say that I am happy that we continue to work through it together. I love Ray, and I know that he will continue to prove himself not only to you all, but to the community, and I know he will gain your respect back in due time.”

Love. Ain’t it a real kick in the gut? Enjoy this video and you tell me. Thanks for the talking point, Ray. Very telling.