If Dogs Have Their Social Networks, So Are Cats at UnitedCats

We’ve featured some social networking sites for animal lovers, most of them for dog lovers. Granting that they are man’s best friends, there are also many people who love cats more than dogs. And so if dog lovers can have their own social networks, and are our feline loving friends. UnitedCats is a social networking site for them.

UnitedCats.com is the cat’s home on the web. If you are a cat lover, you can make a website for your cat, take a look at your fellow cat lovers’ pet cats, post comments and communicate with other feline lovers and you can even pat the cats. You can put as many information as you want about your pet cats, be it their breed, date of birth, lifestyle, favorite food and many more. And you can even upload up to 50 photos of your cat.

UnitedCats.com also gives you an online community to meet other cat lowers. It has an online forum where pet lovers share almost anything and everything about cat breeding, caring and loving. You can share experiences, opinions, and knowledge about cats.

If you are not yet a cat lover or owner and is planning to take home a cat for a pet, you can already create your own profile at UnitedCats.com. The site might even help you find your first ever pet cat.

Ok, time to register and create your UnitedCats profile now. Meowww!