iDreamBooks Reviews Now Populate the Sony eBookstore

iDreamBooks, the website dedicated to aggregating professional book reviews from around the web, has formed a partnership with Sony and has made its reviews available in Sony’s eBook store. Titles in the Sony eReader Store now include iDreambooks critics reviews, along with customer reviews and GoodReads reviews.

The iDreamBooks recommendations include the first couple of lines of book reviews from various sources, with links back to source. For example, The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, includes iDreamBooks reviews from The New York Times, The Guardian, BC Books, Teen Ink, and Salon.

iDreamBooks launched back in July. It recommends books to read based on aggregated reviews. It works like Rotten Tomatoes orMetacritic and will recommend a book if 70 percent of critics give it a positive rating.