Idle Games Raises $10M to $15M, Facebook Game Still Unlaunched

Facebook game developer Idle Games — the studio backed by Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson — has secured a second round of funding totaling between $10 and $15 million, according to conflicting reports.

VentureBeat reports that the total is $15 million, citing an SEC filing. The total quoted in that document is $14,590,645. AllThingsD, meanwhile, puts the sum at $10 million without indicating a direct source of information — although it’s implied Idle Games CEO and co-founder Jeff Hyman confirmed the total in a statement. Depending on which report is accurate, Idle Games’ total funding is now between $19 and $24 million following Thompson’s initial $9 million investment.

Whatever the case may be, Idle Worship is still in closed beta as of today. The life simulation game puts players in the role of an omnipresent god to a primitive culture of creatures known as Mudlings. While gameplay and art style both set Idle Worship apart as a deeper, richer social game experience than anything currently available on the Facebook platform, the game’s technical achievements seems to be capturing most of the attention. Already, Idle Games has filed a series of patents around cloud-based gaming technology built specifically for this title and Flash developer Adobe consistently name-drops the game as a prime example of the Flash platform’s potential. Read our deep dive on Idle Worship.

Idle Games did not respond to request for comment on its latest round of funding as of press time.

UPDATE: Hyman confirms the total as $10 million. As far as Idle Worship’s release date, he says that beta tests have convinced the developer to take more time polishing the game before release. “Evidentially,” Hyman writes in an email, “building a massively distributed simulation platform providing an unsharded game world with patent-pending asynchronous and synchronous social mechanics … was hard :)”