IDC Predicts Android Will Be #2 Ahead of the iPhone in 2013 – But, Where’s BlackBerry & Maemo?

I’m not saying that IDC’s prediction/forecast is wrong, but a lot can happen in the next 3 years…

IDC: Android to overtake iPhone, BlackBerry by 2013

On the other hand, the iPhone itself was an unknown itself back in January 2007. And, look where it is today. I set a calendar reminder for January 4, 2013 with a link to the article above so I can check back and see how well IDC’s forecast panned out.

IDC predicts that the leaders in 2013 will be:

1. Nokia Symbian S60
2. Android
3. iPhone

The BlackBerry (currently the leader in the U.S. and probably #2 worldwide), Windows Mobile (fading fast), and webOS are apparently not mentioned.

And, where is Nokia’s Linux-based Mameo system (currently used in the N900) in this mix? Nokia has already said that their future in high-end smartphones lies with Maemo.