iBooks Won’t Run on Jailbroken iPhones

Apple has continued its fight against iPhone hacking with the latest version of iBooks. One blogger has noticed that iBooks won’t work anymore on his iPhone. After doing some digging, he discovered that iBooks checks to see if the iphone its running on has been jailbroken, and it does so in a rather clever manner.

iBooks tries to load a piece of code that it knows is not authorized to run on your iPhone. The code is supposed to fail, and this tells iBooks that your iPhone has not been freed from Apple’s control. If the code works, then iBooks will refuse to open any of the  ebooks you purchased. Interesting, no? This jailbreak check doesn’t catch all the iPhone hacks, but it does appear to catch the more thorough ones. The more free your iPhone, the more likely that iBooks will refuse to work for you.

One has to wonder why Apple decided to shoot their own foot off like this. There are many other reading apps on iOS, and this annoyance will encourage users to use something other than iBooks.

via Social Apple