iBooks, Kindle And Nook Are Most Popular Free Book Apps

Apple’s iBookstore app, Amazon’s Kindle app and Barnes & Noble’s Nook app are the top 3 apps in the free book apps category Apple’s App Store this afternoon as of 3:30 ET.

These popular eReader apps are followed by AppleTree App’s iReading Classic, a collection of 10 free fairy tales, at No. 4. Google eBooks has slipped from the No. 4 spot last month, to the No. 5 spot today. Kobo holds its spot at No. 6 and Wattpad also remains list at No. 7. Both apps held these spots when we last reported these figures on January 14th.

Audible has slipped down to No. 8, from No. 5 last month, and Oceanhouse Media’s Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss app, which is being given away as part of a promotion, is at No. 9. Michael Quach’s Weird Facts 1000 rounds out the list at No. 10.