IAB Writes Standards for Social Media Marketing

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released its guidelines for social media ad metrics as well as best practices, reports B to B. The documents aim to set definitions, common metrics and industry best practices that are specific to the growing field of social media advertising.

These standards and best practices are important because of the way in which social media advertising is currently changing. As social networks and their platforms grow they enable brands and advertisers to better leverage a user’s social graph to spread their marketing message in a new way. The trend for integrated social media marketing is what advertisers are really looking at right now, for the ability to reach consumers. On the network end, being able to support better integrated marketing options means more revenue potential.

The necessity for advertisers to have standards set up to broker better data exchange between behavioral metrics and marketing campaigns means that the consumer feedback will be more relevant and useful in the continuously evolving realm of online advertising. The ultimate goal is to reduce confusion and disparate views on the benefits and varied aspects of this still exploratory market.