IAB: 87 Percent of Moviegoers Go Mobile After Seeing Ads Elsewhere

Smartphones key to marketing

Using smartphones at the movies may be a no-no. But other than that, mobiles are an integral part of the experience, from ticket sales to theater directions, a fact that movie and entertainment marketers would do well to heed. 

Consumers increasing use smartphones for their purchases—in the case of movie tickets, 30 percent are bought on mobile phones, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and InMobi. And 87 percent of moviegoers researched a movie on smartphones after seeing an ad for that movie in another medium.

The report, which just looked at smartphone use and did not include tablets, highlights just how much people rely on smartphones for their moviegoing decisions.

The movie world would do well to incorporate mobile strategies when marketing movies, according to the report. It's a timely message, considering the Academy Awards are scheduled for this weekend, and movie advertisers will be out in force.

Here’s are some of the important ways that the report says mobile devices influence moviegoers, defined as respondents who said they would see a film at theaters within the next three months, or about 50 percent of adults.

  • 56 percent of moviegoers turn to mobile for entertainment research, second only to TV where 57 percent of respondents get their movie information.
  • Two out of three moviegoers use a movie-related app for activities like buying tickets, checking listings, and playing games based on the movies.
  • 41 percent of moviegoers have viewed trailers on smartphones.
  • Moviegoers are most interested in viewing trailers for new movies on smartphones, making it a good channel to build excitement around new releases.