Are You A @Humblebrag on Twitter?

There’s something about your friend’s behavior online lately that irks you: relentless bragging. You’ve even called them on it and they’re like “What? I’m just sharing important life moments with you. And you should be happy for me regardless – don’t hate!”

Enter @Humblebrag – the Twitter account that retweets those not-so-humble brags. Don’t you love those kind of accounts?

What is a humblebrag, specifically? Here are some examples that will clear up any confusion:

Sharing great news is one thing, but disguising it as some kind of wry, exasperated or what have you observation is pretty annoying when done repeatedly.

Another good reason not to be a humblebrag? It’s so yesterday. The newest type of bragging is the underbrag. The what?

Here’s how The Atlantic defines it:

So which are you – a humblebrag, underbrag or just an in-your-face bragger? And does anyone fall in the “does not apply” category these days?

(Arrogant image from Shutterstock)