Hulu Is King Of Ads, But What About Content?

According to new data released by comScore, Hulu reigns supreme in the kingdom of video advertising, with 783.3 million ads viewed in July. That’s more ads than Tremor Media and BrightRoll, the second and third biggest video ad networks, combined. In fact, four out of five videos shown on Hulu is an ad. That’s great for Hulu in terms of ad revenue, but if viewers are spending all this time being forces to watch ads, how much time are they able to spend watching actual content? And how long will viewers put up with this barrage of advertising?

All this advertising is nothing new for Hulu, but we weren’t really aware of Hulu’s power in the video advertising industry until recently, when comScore changed the way they measured online video metrics, separating ad views from actual content views. With this change, Hulu took a dive in content views, being knocked down from second place in May with just over 1.1 billion video views to tenth place last month with a mere 28.4 million video content views.

To Hulu’s credit, they generally show longer videos than YouTube and other sites, as they stream a lot of television series, and usually scatter several ads throughout each episode. However, this shouldn’t be taken as an excuse for why Hulu’s video views are made up of such a large percentage of ads. The company seems to be slowly upping their number of video ads from month to month. According to NewTeeVee, in June, video ads accounted for 81.63% of all ads shown. This number rose to 83.58% in July, meaning that Hulu is showing more ads per piece of content. This could be an attempt to raise the companies worth, as they recently announced their intent to go public, valued at as much as $2 billion.

Check out the stats from comScore’s July 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings below to see how Hulu fared in the video content views department, as well as in video ads viewed. Do you watch online video content on Hulu? How do you feel about the volume of video ads on the site and have you noticed an increase?

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