Huggies, Tumblr and… Kidnapped Babies? Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Social Media Campaigns

Huggies recently released their interesting new High Chair Critics social marketing campaign by leveraging the Tumblr microblogging service, and if their front page is anything, it’s a lesson that big brands should pay close attention to who’s running their social media campaign. The first entry on the page is a reference to “the most famous babies of all time”, but for some reason, instead of showing a picture of a cute baby model, it’s a missing person poster of Chas. A. Lindbergh, Jr,, who was kidnapped in 1932. Read on for more ways to avoid messing up your social media campaign.

The key problem here is that the posts on the site seem very scrapped together, and it’s clear that one of the various anonymous writers didn’t do the extra work to ensure that the included image was in sync with the Huggies brand.

The fact that this project is likely done by a contracted company underscores the pitfalls of social media campaigns: big brands usually want to have complete control over their messaging, and these external contractors may veer off track. This is a double-edged sword though, because sometimes that can generate all kinds of viral appeal that the company didn’t expect, as was the case with the Old Spice Guy social media extravaganza.

We’ll get in touch with the site creators and figure out how this happened, and what their official word is on the story. Check out the site here.