HuffPoster Speaks Truth to Power–His Truth, As it’s All About Him

David_O_Russell - 5 - I_Heart_Huckabees.jpg

Now that the HuffPost has gotten a fresh infusion of cash, maybe they won’t need to post everything submitted. Case in point: David O. (the O stands for oblivious) Russell’s whine about traffic in his neighborhood. He lives in Brentwood.

I love how everyone in Brentwood, California loves to go to your house or Larry David’s house or my house and meet Howard Dean or Al Gore and talk about saving the world from global warming but then nobody even notices or says anything or DOES anything when there is a CLEARLY WRONGHEADED construction project creating traffic, pollution, and delays to thousands of people right in Brentwood.

It’s not possible that he means this for satire, is it? In Three Kings, a soldier complains about sand in his eyes after watching an Iraqi civilian get murdered–maybe we’ll rethink that scene. Amy Alkon sees the hand of the Comment-Nanny at work, but we’re not so sure. After all, Andyboy slipped through:

We don’t face each other down anymore. Have you ever noticed how after Kent State you really don’t hear about large scale protests or civil disobedience type events or actions?

Andyboy must have been out of town last spring, when locals gathered in Los Angeles, not that many of them live in Brentwood, unless they’re live-in, of course.